How to Create a Vikings Cosplay Costume

Vikings Cosplay Costume

Whether you are looking for a Vikings Cosplay Costume to wear at a Halloween costume party or want to play an important role in an upcoming costume drama, there are many different ways to go about getting the look. The following article discusses some of the different options you have, including clothes, weapons, shields, and more.


Whether you’re looking for an unusual and creative costume, or if you’re interested in Vikings and sagas, you can find something to suit your needs. You can find costumes that are unique and different, but also are authentic to the time period.

For instance, you can find a costume for Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the main characters in the Vikings television series. This costume comes with a wool cloak, vest with chainmail, a throwing ax, and bracers. It also includes two different hairstyles, including one that’s shaved.

Another costume to consider is the one worn by Ragnar’s wife, Lagertha. This costume is handmade, and features an intricate design. It’s sure to get you noticed!

If you’re interested in more than just the characters from the series, you may want to consider looking for costumes for Ragnar’s son, Bjorn Ironside. This costume includes a leather and fabric armor, a leather belt, and a pair of boots. The costume also includes a wig.

The costume is made to be comfortable and fit you like a glove. You’ll also find a wide leather belt with eye-catching shades. It also includes Kitana’s iconic metallic fans. It’s a great costume for Star Wars and geeky conventions.

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Putting together a worthy Vikings cosplay costume can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. However, with the right advice and a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have no trouble putting together a winning entry in no time. One of the first things you should do is check out our Vikings costume guide for some helpful tips. In it, you’ll find a surprisingly comprehensive list of items needed to pull off a show-stopping costume. From helmets to hoodies, to flint axes and swords, you’ll be ready to conquer the cosplay battlefield in no time at all. Hopefully, your Vikings costume will be a hit at your next Vikings themed party. After all, what’s a costume without a good time?

If you want to get your money’s worth out of your Vikings costume, you should definitely check out our Vikings costume guide, as well as our viking costume ideas, and get ready to strut your stuff at your next Viking themed party! As a bonus, you’ll also get to meet a few of your favorite TV stars and see some real life Vikings! All in all, a Vikings costume will take you back in time and provide you with a truly authentic experience. You’ll definitely be the envy of all your friends! Whether you’re dressing as Ragnar, Bjorn Ironside, or any one of the other countless Vikings, you’ll feel like you’re in your element in no time.


During the time period of Vikings, Lagertha was a devoted wife and mother of King Ragnar Lothbrok’s children. She is also one of the fiercest fighters in the show. She can command an army with the best of them and is one of the only women to wear the crown of earl.

The Lagertha costume may not be the first thing to come to mind when it comes to cosplay but it sure as heck is a cool one to behold. The costume features a Long Sleeve V-neck Slim Fit T-shirt, Squires Leather Bracers Armour, Brocade Steampunk Overbust Corset, and Vybe Women’s Lauren Slouch Boot. The costume also comes with a Viking Sword and a Lagertha Shield.

It’s a well-made costume that will make you feel like a Viking royalty. You’ll be ready to rule the roost in no time. Whether you’re a viking fanatic or just a jack of all trades, you’ll find that the Lagertha costume is the perfect choice for your next cosplaying occasion. Whether you’re heading to a stag party or a fancy costume party, the Lagertha costume is sure to get you noticed. You’ll be the envy of all the girls in the room.

It’s no secret that female Vikings are the hot property of the pop culture era. In the past few years, females of the Viking persuasion have been spotted buried in the sands of Birka. In the real world, they’re probably just a novelty, but in the pop culture world, they’re no strangers. A quick Google search will turn up countless images of female Vikings, some of whom are more than willing to give you a hand if you ask nicely.


Creating a great Viking costume involves choosing the right accessories to go with your costume. These accessories can help make your costume more authentic. You can buy Viking accessories from a variety of sources. These include:

The first thing you should invest in when creating a Viking costume is a cloak. A cloak is important because it helps you keep warm. It also hides your face. You can also use a cloak to conceal your weapons.

A helmet is another key part of the Viking look. The best type of helmet is a leather helmet. Leather is not heavy like metal, and it is also easy to repair. Leather shields are also an important part of the Viking look. These shields were made of leather, and they were held in front of warriors. They were decorated with runes and spirals.

You can also purchase a leather belt. These are usually made from real leather, and they are also used to hold your weapons. Leather is not as heavy as chain mail, and it is also durable.

Axes are also a great choice for a Viking cosplay costume. Axes are a weapon that Vikings used to chop down trees. Axes were also used to make fires.

A wig is another great accessory to have. Wigs are available in different sizes for both men and women. The wigs are created by Hollywood makeup artist John Blake. Wigs come in adult women’s dress sizes, such as Medium (10-12) and Large (14-16).

If you are looking for a unique, yet realistic, Viking costume, you may want to consider purchasing a tuxedo or dress. This will allow you to add a few more accessories to make your costume more authentic.