Quintessential of Beauty-Cartier Tank MC

The beauty of Cartier MC derives from the its simplicity, peculiar design and rich culture background. At the 80 years of development, Cartier has tried various of geometric appearance on Tank and now it stills continues exploring other designs on the geometric look. Now, as the top jewelry producer, Cartier never continues devote its efforts in developing as usual and brings surprises to celebrities and royalties.

Cartier Tank MC W533007
Cartier Tank MC, inheriting the traditional design, adds new fashion style into it. Roman time indexes fits the blue steel hands, and the date aperture is set on6 o’clock. The dial is clear and simple, making reading easier. 30-minute dial is set on 3 o’clock and the 12-hour dial is set on 12 o’clock and is controlled by two buttons on the upside and down side of the crown. Rectangular shape perfectly match business people. Through the see-through mirror, you will amaze at Cartier’s excellence on the watch making. Every texture on the moment is extraordinary clear and visible. By the way, there are additional two colors edition for your choice.

Cartier Tank W5310026
Cartier never sticks to the unchangeable rules. While other brands were speculating that it would turn its eyes into some kind of exotic, Cartier focused on the battlefield: the most devastating new weapon-French Renault tanks that got Cartier inspired and lead him to the rectangular shape, a revolutional change. Cartier Tank MC skeleton is the model among so many Cartier works. The skeleton watch could displays a mechanical beauty and in the other side, Tank MC skeleton edition is fitted with a delicate automatic winding watch-9611MC. The most crucial part that consists of a mechanical watch is the expression and appreciation on beauty, and an exquisite watch could definitely bring a grand feast visually and heartily.

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