How to Choose the Diving Watches?

Generally more than 100 meters of waterproof pressure is diving watch, because in the watch industry also it does not have a recognized standard, and it is usually measured by vendors who take their own logo, because there are many uncertainties in diving, and here we are to introduce the performance of some diving watches.

Crown, arguably it is the easiest part of the watch that can enter water, and the more famous is rolex screw-plug crown, and the bibcock protector bridge of the Panerai watch, the waterproof performance is very good.

Row Helium, amateurs diving believe can’t be more than 50 meters, and it will not be for a long time. But the diving operation is different, as it can achieve true 100 meters and stay for a long time, here the row helium is very important, as when you are in the bottom of the sea, the helium will go to the watch, when you go back in the water surface the pressure will drop down, the internal helium of the watch will make pressure and when you rise up the water fast, the helium will give packed the watch, and this kind of accident just happened in 1966, therefore the professional diving watches can discharge helium device.

Watch bezel, it is another characteristic of the diving watches, which can help the divers to calculate the diving time, and the common watch bezel can only be one-way counterclockwise, this is to ensure that the time can be more, not less accounting.

Luminous, if in the water you can’t see the pointer, diving watch is meaningless, so the good luminous performance is critical.

So, now can you have any idea on choosing the diving watches? If you still have no idea, the Rolex Submariner will be a great choice for you.

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