Continuing Navy Spirit-Panerai Radiomir Dual Time 3 Day

Born in 1860 in Florence, Panerai is known for its accuracy and solid quality. It started by designing watches for Italian navy, and you will see quite a lot of navy features on Panerai.

Today, we have a new Panerai Radiomir that is exhibited in 2014 W&W. It combines old Panerai watch’s features and incorporates new styles into it. This limited edition is redesigned in 1936. With smooth lines, this watches reaches 47 mm in terms of its diameter, which is quite a big size. Radiomir has a golden case and is polished outside the case, and thus touches very smooth. The mirror is domed and is coated with anti-dazzling material. Processing sapphire is kind of a tough job, but Panerai faces the challenge and builds it into a beautiful arc. That is a real test on technicians’ skills and its innovative spirit. The dial is also have Panerai’s features, which is easily accessing reading. The dial structure was invented in 1930, which is also known as the sandwich dial. The dial is made of two layers of thin plate. The upper plate is hollowed then the down layer which is luminous can enemata its light through those small holes,

The sapphire mirror case back provides a clear reading. The smalls second dial at 9 o’clock is special , and outside bezel consists of 12 time scales. A small leaf-shaped hand is employed to indicate time, which is a unique design. The deep blue quite matches the graceful gold, a quite rare combination in Panerai watches, which also reflects in another way that Panerai keeps going after innovations. Panerai has severe control on details, which you can see on its case, dial as well as other parts. For example, the belt is made of top alligator skin and is processed with deep blue, which adds a sense of nostalgia into it.

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